Yoga: Yoga is one that controls wavering of mind and frees it from all tensions. Yoga is of two types: External yoga and Internal yoga. External yoga is for purifying the body.
This will take care of health and keeps your body fit always. Internal yoga is for purifying the mind. This will take care of mental health and frees one from any kind of  stress, strain, and mental conflictions.

Extenal yoga is also called ‘Hatha yoga’, which comprises Asanaas. In all the Asanaas, Surya Namaskaaras (Bow of greeting to Lord Surya) are famous, which are 12 in number. Those are

1. Pranamaasanam,                         2. Utthitahastaasanam,

3. Paadahastaasanam,                    4. Aswasanchalanaasanam- Right,

5. Parvathaasanam,                         6. Saashtanganamaskaarasanam,

7. Bhujangaasanam                         8. Parvathaasanam,

9. Aswasanchalanaasanam- Left,  10. Paadahastaasanam,

11. Utthitahastaasanam,                 12. Pranamaasanam..

These are very useful in preventing the ailments and shaping up the body.

Meditation: Internal Yoga is nothing but Meditation. Meditation means focussing our mind on a target, and thus controlling its distortions.Meditation Benefits There are a lot of amazing benefits to meditation. Here are a few meditation benefits that immediately come to mind: stress relief, relaxation, improved concentration, creativity, joy, ease of being, lower blood pressure, the list goes on. A lot of people say it can even improve your sex life. Through meditation, we discover a part of us that is limitless, filled with space and a kind of silence that penetrates
to the core.

Before doing Meditation We have to Sit calmly in a relaxed posture like Padmaasana , keep your back and neck straight, look straight horizontally, and close your eyes. Rest your hands on your knees.  Just relax your body parts, dont feel any tension in any part of your body and start observing how your breath is entering your nostrils and how it is going out. You can observe your breath may enter and leave from the same nostril or it may enter from one nostril and leave from the other. Watch from which nostril it is entering and from which nostril it is leaving. How long your breath is or how short it is. How depth it is or how shallow it is. How hot it is or how cool it is. Your concentration should be on your breath at your nose tip only. When it is going into your stomach, where it is ending, and again where it is starting. Do it for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

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