About Suresh Bhargava

Suresh Bhargava is a renowned palmist and astrologer, based in Vizag..For over a decade, Mr. Suresh Bhargava has devoted himself to helping people find greater satisfaction in life. Accuracy in astrology predictions, specificity of the event and pinpoint timing of the event is the main feature of his work of astrology/ horoscope analysis, reading, Palmistry.

From major events i.e. job, marriage, to minor events of day to day life is easily predictable by this Vedic / India / Stellar Astrology System. He can predict all about your query, whether they will materialize or not, when & How? And Suggest the best possible Vedic remedy by Vastu, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra and gem / gems, homams, Japas and counselling.

Suresh Bhargava presents a wide variety of prediction services for you. You can consult him through this site and gain extremely accurate and significant insights into different quarters of your life. The destiny of a person is governed by the planets that dominate the zodiac belt during the time of his or her birth. More often, the placement of these planets during the birth depends on the cycle of karma that emanates from his or her last life. Though it is hard to change the destiny, but since forewarned is forearmed, knowledge of the future enables a person to tackle the time skillfully and certain measures advised by the astrologer lessen the brunt of days ahead. Besides, some measures hasten the process of progress while a few others are meant to remove the obstacles. Mr. Suresh Bhargava has been an expert in doing a lot of research and suggests remedies for various combinations of the planets placement.

Ask any questions about your career, financial matters, personal relationship, children, property, losses, business, inheritance, family, partnerships, evil spirits, health and investment, Mr. Suresh Bhargava has the answer for each of them.

My philosophy

Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth.

–Shri Gaaithre

Goals & values
  1. Quality services.

  2. Valuable product.

  3. Customer satisfaction

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